Kazi Khaleed Ashraf


When the Ganga becomes the Padma: Settling in Bangladesh

June, 2017

Wet Narratives: Architecture must recognize that the future is fluid

May, 2017

Sangath as a Landscape Event

May, 2017

Building Bangladesh: From Pavilion-form to Landscape-form

March, 2017

His Mother’s House

February, 2017

Tropical Trysts: An American Architect in the Bengal Delta

January, 2017

The Aesthetical Paradox of the Hermit’s Hut

September, 2016

Architecture’s Anxiety

February, 2016

Water as Ground

October, 2014

What Now? The Perpetual Vigilance of Muzharul Islam

October, 2014

Postmortem: Building Destruction

August, 2013


October, 2012

Reading the Wind And Weather: The Meteorological Architecture of Studio Mumbai

June, 2012

We are the city

December, 2010

The Architecture of Asceticism

November, 2010

Hometown: The City in the Postnational Landscape

October, 2010

Louis I. Kahn: The Making of a Room

March, 2009

The Buddha’s House

July, 2008

Taking Place: Landscape in the Architecture of Louis Kahn

November, 2007

Raga India: Architecture in the Time of Euphoria

May, 2007

Where is Architecture

January, 2007

Masala City: Urban Stories from South Asia

September, 2005

Terminal Places

January, 2004

Placing Architecture, Presencing Architecture

December, 2001

Looking for America

March, 1999

Wind, Water, and Clay: The Architecture of Bangladesh

October, 1997

Reincarnations: Modernity and Modern Architecture in South Asia

October, 1997

Land, Water, and People in Bengal: Themes for a Deltaic Architecture

January, 1997

On Vastushilpa and the Art of Dwelling

December, 1994

From Sacred Groves to Architectural Paradigms: The Forest in Greek and Indian Imagination

November, 1994

The National Capital Complex: Louis I. Kahn’s Architecture in Dhaka

May, 1994

Vastukala: The Architecture of Muzharul Islam

November, 1993

Architecture in Bangladesh

October, 1989


October, 1988

Geoffrey Bawa: An Alternative Architecture

May, 1988