Kazi Khaleed Ashraf


Housing Study

The ‘U-Housing’ is conceived to promote the typology of community centered housing with a shared community space located in the middle of each u-block. The space could be a courtyard or garden viewable from each housing unit and ‘suspended’ corridors linking the units.

Agriculture housing
In response to food security and retaining productive agricultural land, agriculture housing is a provisional idea for providing dwelling while keeping agriculture lands intact. The main dwelling structures can be built over a widened “ail” of the paddy fields, with the ground floor open for movement and multiple uses.

Wetland Housing
It is necessary to be tactical in building residences around wetlands which remain under water during monsoon and dry up on other occasions. The wetlands can remain intact by framing it with a new block of housing that are raised on stilts. This will provide open spaces around the housing complex, and allow the flooding of wetlands and flow of water during monsoon.

Island Housing
Instead of filling up rivers, residential or commercial areas can be built on islands away from the river shore. Using causeways in the connected islands, commercial centres, schools, colleges, parks, etc., can be built alongside residential buildings. All of this would create a self-sustained housing cluster.

Riverbank Housing
Rows of housing projects following the U-housing type can be built along the river bank. All the buildings will be facing the river directly. Two ends of residential building will be bent towards the central square. Walking alongside the river’s edge along a promenade in this housing area will be a distinctive experience